Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kavin Austin Blake Offers Tips on Winter Fly Fishing in Florida

Q: Is fly fishing even a possibility for Floridians during the colder months?

Kavin Austin Blake: At times, fly fishers in the state of Florida will have to find shelter once the chilly winds arrive. However, the most dedicated among us can explore some of the other alternatives to the inshore bays or wide-open flats that are popular in summertime.

Q: Which locations are ideal for fly fishing in winter?

Kavin Austin Blake: Sheltered water tends to hold a significant amount of fish in December, January and February. Keep in mind that less wind on the surface will often translate into higher water temperatures.

Q: What species of fish are most prominent during this time?

Kavin Austin Blake: Redfish are generally the most dependable for sight casting. Redfish have a high tolerance for colder water, and tend to travel in school once the mercury has fallen. However, fishermen should avoid the temptation to shoot at the entire flock. Always select an individual fish so that you retain accuracy. 

Q: Do success rates depend on the fisherman’s part of the state?

Kavin Austin Blake: Fly fishers in the Northeast will try their luck in the spartina-lined and oyster creeks, optimal locations where trout and redfish will seek shelter from the cold. Meanwhile, those from St. Augustine to Amelia Island will spend sunny, bright days seeking redfish in the clearest water of the whole year. During times of low water, these redfish are much easier to locate.

Q: What are the average water temperatures in winter?

Kavin Austin Blake: Fly fishers can expect water temperatures to hover around the mid-60 degree mark throughout December and most of January. Due to the changing climate, fish will appear more sluggish and can be captured with the right strategy in hand.


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