Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kavin Austin Blake says the taste smell of watermelon is when you know it's summer. Here in Florida, when it feels like 100 degrees, nothing beats a cool watermelon cocktail. Kavin Austin Blake says to really make the flavor pop, you have to muddle. Kavin Austin Blake says to next put the watermelon and the mint leaves in a large pitcher and use a large wooden spoon to muddle. Do this until the melon is as chunky or juicy as you like. Kavin Austin Blake suggests if you don’t want much watermelon pulp at all, run the fruit through a food processor and then muddle with the mint separately. Add your favorite rum, lime juice, and some simple syrup to a large pitcher says Kavin Austin Blake. Mix it all together and enjoy an absolutely delicious Florida summer cocktail!


15 mint leaves
2 cups watermelon
12 oz. white rum
1/4 c. simple syrup
1 lime, juiced
1 cup club soda


1. Add watermelon and mint to a pitcher and use a wooden spoon to muddle
2. Make the simple syrup, set aside. Juice the lime, set aside.
3. Add the rum, syrup, club soda, and lime juice to the pitcher. Mix well.
4. Rim the glasses in lime juice and salt or sugar. Fill with ice, then pour in the mojito.


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