About Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake enjoys traveling the world to find the best fishing locations. While he loves indulging his hobby in these locations, he also loves experiencing the sights and culture of new areas. Kavin Austin Blake finds that fishing in the islands allows him to catch some of the best fish in the world while experiencing some of the best scenery on earth.

The Bahamas are rife with culture and attractions, including several historic plantations, casinos, and champion golf courses. While in the Bahamas, Kavin Austin Blake has enjoyed relaxing and enjoying the cool breezes coming off the water. He urges fishing enthusiasts to take a tour while they’re in the area to get a thorough view of what the island has to offer.

According to Kavin Austin Blake, the U.S. Virgin Islands also offers a combination of history and scenery. St. Croix offers horseback rides and safaris to allow outdoorsmen like Kavin Austin Blake to get a full view of the islands without being trapped inside a car. While in the islands, Kavin Austin Blake enjoys listening to live music while enjoying some of the best cuisine he’s ever tasted. Kavin Austin Blake encourages all of his fishing buddies to give fishing in the islands a try.


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